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Wet Blasting System Machines

Wetblast4Less offers wet blasting systems and wetblasting machines that are perfect for getting your machine parts looking brand new! We use vapor honing technologies, commonly referred to as vapor hone,  that are unrivaled in the market. We currently offer two machines, the RB4836S, and the RB3630S. Both are heavy duty industrial wet blast cabinets that have a 100 percent laser cut and hand welded 12 gauge steel construction with complete interior polyurea lining. The wetblast or slurry pump systems deliver a mix of media and water to the blast gun where compressed air is introduced to accelerate the media. This process creates a very clean surface much like the high impact of conventional dry blasting but with a more delicate finish. All systems come with a two year warranty.  If you are interested or want to learn more about our wet blasting machines for sale, please contact Lamar at 847-445-8589 or e-mail at


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