Accessorise your machine, for less of course 

Wet Blasting Equipment


Closed-Loop Rinse

We offer additional wet blasting equipment to help accessorize your machine. Our closed loop rinse system allows users to filter and recycle the rinse water function for the wet blast cabinet. The 500 CFM mist collector will mount on the back of any wet blast machine cabinet and pull mist out of the cabinet. This option greatly increases the visibility inside the cabinet. All of our wet blasting machine accessories are American made and shipped from the midwest, straight to your front door.  Instead of ordering new parts from the factory, our machines will provide the same result for a fraction of the price.  Overall, it’s cleaner faster, more effective, more efficient and more accurate than other systems you would use.  If you are interested in our wet blasting equipment for sale, please contact Lamar at 847-445-8589 or e-mail at 

Wet Blasting Equipment

26’’ Inches  diameter | Stainless steel turntable | Hand welded