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Take a look at our Wetblasting Technology in action

Whether you call it  Vapor blast, vapor blasting, or wet blasting we have the machines to get your rebuilt engine parts looking better than when they arrived from the factory.

Wet blasting (vapor blasting) is a process for removing contaminants from a surface or finishing a surface using compressed air and an abrasive media. Vapor blast machines can prepare a surface for painting or peening the surface to a bright finish. Do you have dirty or rusted machine parts that need cleaning? Our wetblasting machines will get them looking brand new. Whether they are vacuum pumps or car and motorcycle engine components such as a turbo or carburetor, Our wet blasting machines will do the job! Wetblasting can clean and prep the surface all in one step, while being more enviromnetally benefiting than dry blasting. We sell only stainless steel machine unlike some manufacturers, additionally our machines our made in the USA. 

What is Wetblasting?

Wetblasting is the use of an abrasive media, compressed air, and water to achieve a bright finish for all of your refinishing needs.

Unlike dry blasting, wet blasting uses liquid – to enhance the levels of the surface finish that can be achieved. The benefit of including water is a much smoother and more consistent finish and an overall better product. Wet Blasting is also much more versatile. It works as well removing oily scale and corrosion. Count on fine, consistent and repeatable finishes with no abrasive embedment in the substrate. And because our liquid abrasive technology is completely closed-loop, Wet Blasting is more than clean, it’s green. You don’t have to worry about the messy cleanup because our machines degrease and finish. You also can improve operator productivity with better machine ergonomics. Not only that but, you will replace chemical processes used for cleaning, stripping, and etching.

Wetblasting, also referred to as vapor blasting or vapor blast, will save you money when refinishing your car. Instead of ordering new parts from the factory, our machines will provide the same result for a fraction of the price.  Overall, it’s cleaner faster, more effective, more efficient and more accurate than other systems you would use.  

Wetblast4Less offers low-cost  American made machines that will have your car parts looking brand new. What are you waiting for?? Wetblast4Less today.

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